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Nr Castlewellan, County Down
Nr Castlewellan, County Down

Our Past

Northern Ireland has come a long way since the dark days of the Troubles in which more than 3700 people lost their lives in violent conflict from 1968 -1998. Understandably, with daily media reports of conflict during that period, we weren’t at the top of many people’s ‘must visit’ list. But a lot has changed since then.
Even at the height of our Troubles, a lot of peace-building and reconciliation was also taking place, and some paramilitaries were becoming disillusioned with the pointless suffering their violent actions were causing.
We don’t ever want to forget those whose grief due to the loss of loved ones in the conflict, may never fully heal. Their voices deserve to be heard and we want to do what we can to accommodate that.  We firmly believe that those who wish to publicly share their stories, should have opportunity and a media  outlet as part of their healing process. We therefore invite people in this category to send their story outlines to info@peacenireland.com.
Or you may be one of the many stories of hope, healing and reconciliation. It would be good to hear your story. As time passes, opportunities for recording memories and experiences from the past can easily be lost. We encourage you to ensure yours gets  recorded, whether through this site or another. Why not make that move today and make contact.